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Adelaide Portrait Photography On Location- $395

-1 - 2 person(s)

-120 min session or more if required

-25 digital images, colour corrected and ready for print

-Scouting the location and planning photoshoot

-Facebook/Twitter Post

-Multiple locations within Adelaide CBD

-Additional photos $25 each

-Ethereal Dreams Photography owns copyright of all images captured during the photo session. Images can be used for business promotion.

We like to combine documentary style with a little bit of posing. Natural and relaxed photos, taken without awareness of camera, turns out to be the best. The real reason for that is, that a lot of people trying to make their face expression for the camera to look natural, but in fact, it adds a lot of stress and tension, as well as un- natural look. On the consultation we will discuss certain things (activities, like walking on the beach, having BBQ with family, playing with kids in the park) you can do by yourself or with your partner/family, so the images look professional, natural and relaxed.


Photography Session Fee - $100

Photography session fees has to be paid in order secure the date for you photoshoot, please note that images are not included in the Photography Session Fees.

Unlimited consultation over the phone/skype/email and up to 2 hours of photoshoot on location are included in Photography Session Fees

Preparing For Your Portrait Session

When you make investment in the portrait, you want it to last a life time. Ethereal Dreams Photography has the ability to capture the moment and the artistic style, as well as, the resources to transform your photos in the work of art. We believe that portraits are beautiful and important part of every home. It is an investment which will last you a life time, will be viewed for generations, and will bring that nostalgic moment back into your life. That is why it is so important to plan your session in advance to ensure you get the best result.

How long does the shoot take?

Please allow approximately 2 hours for your portrait session. This usually allows us to capture approximately 50 to 100 photographs.

What do we wear?

Choose lighter tones and pastel colours for outdoor session to get the most pleasant and beautiful results. Simple, comfortable clothing that blends with beach environment or something casual. It is best to take into consideration that dark clothing, busy patterns, graphic and logos, primary colours that have a tendency to stand out will not look nice on the photos.

Shooting in nature and on the beach involves a lot of sitting, kneeling on the sand or ground. Ladies are advised to take into consideration short skirts and low necklines. Just keep in mind the more relaxed you are, the better the results. Also note that it might be challenging to find a private areas to change clothing outdoor.

How and When Do I Get My Photos?

Allow approximately 2 - 3 weeks for your photos to be ready. The link to the private gallery will be provided where you can download photos in any resolution which suits your needs.

Where will we have our photoshoot?

We prefer to work on location (beach, park or somewhere in nature). But if you need business or classic portrait with black background and studio lightning, we can come to your office or home and set up mobile studio for you.

What is the best time to take photos?

Well, we are a big funs of sunset photos. Around 5 - 7 pm is probably the best time to take photos. As the sun light at that time create romantic and intimate atmosphere, combined with a couple of properly set up external flashes, you will get truely magical photos which can be transformed into the piece of art by professional post production editing.

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